Discover Fish Oil Health For Yourself

A good many of us splash out on buying these types of supplements, convinced of the numerous ways they help us. That belief is backed by up by repeated studies which have provided proof positive that genuine health benefits can be gained when taking fish oils.

Fish oil health even extends to people who suffer from some of our major ailments like heart disease and with skin conditions like psoriasis, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg where benefits are concerned. Several broad health categories have witnessed a positive effect when treated with omega 3 fatty acids.

These are the good fats so to speak, categorized by two which go by the name of DHA and EPA in their abbreviated forms. They are very much a natural product which is derived from such cold water fish as tuna, mackerel and salmon.

Various research over the years has produced a body of evidence which even the hardened skeptic would have trouble refuting. This includes heart and cardiovascular diseases where even such bodies as the American Heart Association have come out in favor of its use as a way of maintaining a healthy heart, and reducing attacks.

But, fish oil health also extends to other vital organs like our brain and immune systems which rely on such fatty acids to work effectively. Studies into such areas as memory and concentration levels have uncovered that they improve when supplements are taken, especially within kids.

Additional claims have included a preventative effect with regard to certain cancers, help for pregnant women, diabetes and conditions where inflammation plays a major part. Fish oils have a great anti inflammatory properties.

To expand on these points and on what you should know to source the safest and most effective brands, visit my main site.

Health and Wholeness

Health and wholeness is a broad category and different people may define it different ways. In this article I will be referring to health and wholeness in the sense of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wholeness, with a special emphasis made upon the latter three (emotional, mental, and spiritual). The reason for this special emphasis is you don’t necessarily need to be physically perfect in order to be truly healthy and whole.

For example you can be crippled or physically handicapped in some way, maybe blind, or deaf, or lame, or perhaps you are not the perfect physical specimen, not so attractive, maybe overweight or underweight, and still with all these seeming physical imperfections you can yet be healthy and whole when it comes to what really matters. That said, there are still certain laws of health which, if followed, will keep your physical body in good health, and in tune to positive thoughts and healthy emotions which originate from an often untapped spiritual level of being – the superconscious mind. More about that later.

Now, we all have our physical body to carry around, and some of us seem to mostly live in a “survival of the fittest” mode (sleep, eat, work, procreate). Others tend to be more emotional. Reasoning and analyzing are the lot of those who have a dominant mental make-up. And still others seem to be more intuitive and susceptible to divine impressions from a higher level of consciousness than that of the conscious or subconscious levels of mind. They live mostly from the spiritual level of being. Lets take a look at each category (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), beginning with the physical.

When you stop and think about it much of society is geared towards catering to the physical body. Look at all the clothing and shoe stores. There are places where you can have your hair done, or get a pedicure and manicure, and have make-up put on, all for dressing up the physical body. The entire world transportation systems are for getting the physical body from one place to another. Every restaurant, or food product imaginable is for the body. Houses and apartments are all shelter for the physical body. Education, college, and money all work in one accord to provide comfort and security and pleasure to the body. Hospitals and doctors are here to repair the body if something goes wrong with it. Every imaginable sex practice is out there for the very brief sex pleasure of the body. A very popular body centered emphasis in our day and age is diet and nutrition, weight loss, fitness and bodybuilding programs. I am sure the list goes on. If physical health and perfection is what you desire there is a lot of information out there about how to go about accomplishing this to the very art.

The important thing, as far as health of the physical body goes, is to eat fresh “living” food (fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts etc.), as well as dairy and meat (in moderation) if you are not a strict vegetarian. Add exercise and fresh air and pure water to all this then you are sure to maintain physical health. But remember there are other laws governing your overall being and breaking any of these laws can manifest in ill health even if you are eating the perfect diet. This brings me to the emotional category.

We all have an unseen emotional or astral body to carry around too and when we feed this body with negativity it can eventually manifest in ill physical health. I like to say the subconscious mind is the mind of our emotional body. If this aspect of our mind is filled with negative emotions and wounded memories we need healing at this level. It all needs to be replaced by healthy food – in this case positive emotions.

A lot can be said about the subject of the emotions but I will emphasize only two areas at the emotional level which seem to cause many of us so much pain. I am speaking about hurting someone emotionally or psychologically either by manipulating them, controlling them, psychologically abusing them, or maliciously gossiping about them, slandering them, and backbiting about them (basically sending negative energy their way.) If we practice this we open the door for our eventual ill health, maybe manifesting in a disease.

The key to emotional health and wholeness is to not hurt anyone (or yourself) psychologically or emotionally. Actually this is one of the many manifestations of what love is. However there is a fine line between maliciously hurting someone else’s feelings, or hurting them by way of constructive criticism and positive reinforcement. The latter two are for their betterment, but the former is destructive. It all depends upon your motive. Being hard on yourself, or working yourself up into a depression, or even thoughts of suicide, are ways you attack yourself destructively. And this can have an effect on your physical health if you persist in it. There is a fine line between healthy criticism towards oneself, and health destroying hate towards oneself. So not only should we not attack others (maliciously or by way of slandering, backbiting, gossiping etc.), but we should take care not to destroy ourselves emotionally. What we allow into our emotional body is very closely tied in with the mental category, which we will look at next.

Getting into the mind can be a deep subject. The obvious areas of the mind include the conscious and subconscious aspects. The not so obvious area is what has been termed (in spiritual literature) the superconscious level of mind. This latter belongs to the spiritual category but compliments what I will share here about the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind. It is said we have a right half and left half of the brain. Those who are dominantly left brained are said to be more analytical. Those who are mostly right brained are more intuitive and visionary. I will speak more about this in the spiritual category.

In general the conscious aspect of our mind thinks, reasons, and analyzes. It is programmed by its environment, upbringing, education, culture, peer pressure, genes, and so on. The subconscious mind is programmed by conscious influences coming from without, and also by unconscious impressions from the past. It is said we become what we think. Think thoughts of fear, depression, hate, etc, we program that into our subconscious and emotional body, and eventually we become what we think. But also we carry over a lot of unconscious impressions that are already programmed into our subconscious which is why everyone manifests different personality traits, some in need of more healing then others from the get go.

The main emphasis of this mental category is to guard our mind and nip negativity in the bud, not allowing it to enter the interior recesses of our being where it can create havoc or future suffering. Unfortunately sometimes unconscious set ways of thinking creep upon us and we become something we really are not (as far as the spiritual aspect of our being goes).

To be emotionally and mentally healthy and whole means to be spiritually in tune with the highest level of our consciousness, the super consciousness, so that there is a steady flow life and energy from that level of consciousness flowing into our subconscious and conscious levels of mind all the time cleansing and healing them as it is allowed to flow through. The end result is a healthy and whole person, even a new person. This brings me to the last and final category of this article, the spiritual category.

Being spiritual is not to be confused with being religious. Someone who is religious can be operating from a physical, emotional, and mental level only, but be void as far as being spiritual goes. In context of this article being spiritual means living your life from the spiritual level of your being first and foremost. By living from that super conscious level the mind, emotions, and physical health fall into place and are balanced. The esoteric or mystical side of all religions emphasize this same point in so many different words. Yoga and meditation in particular teach someone how to get in touch with the highest aspect of their being.

It is one thing to be trained and programmed from without by books, teachers or what have you. But it is another thing to be nourished and inspired from within from that level of consciousness which is beyond reason, beyond thought. All the confusion in religion happens when people try to be moral, or religious, or ethical or spiritual from the level of their mind, emotions and willpower only. At most the end result is self righteousness or a man made god which is only a dead image or form of the truly spiritual. On the other hand someone who is spiritual is someone who is naturally spiritual by living from that level of consciousness which is above the conscious and subconscious mind, and above what is termed the emotional or astral body.

Those who are mainly right brained often experience glimpses of this level of consciousness and they sometimes try to share what they perceive. Some write, some paint, some sing, and some dance etc. Everyone has their own unique way to bring that light and love to the world which they sense in the silence and stillness when the emotions, reasoning and physical body are calm and collected.

As we spend time to do that which is most important of all overall health and wholeness are the end result, as well as more love towards ourselves and others.

Teachers: Do You Know the Basics of Children’s Mental Health?

In earlier articles, I explained one basic mental health

category called conduct disorders (C.D.s), the child at

highest risk of extreme violence, and

emphasized how you must work differently with C.D.s

compared to any other kids. Hopefully, I successfully

conveyed how critical it is to thoroughly understand what

makes this kid “tick,” and to work with them differently

than everyone else, or you may find yourself or others

in dangerous situations. In that piece, I devoted

extensive time to teaching you “all” the in’s and out’s

of working with this complex, potentially dangerous youth.

I want to move past the youngster at highest risk of

violence so I can now address the next two groups of

high risk students in this article.(Our web site

has some additional information on conduct disorders

if you need more info on that group now. Visit, remember that

these pointers will be no substitute for

thoroughly updating your skills on such a challenging kid.

Now that you know a bit about C.D.s, the youth at

top risk of violence, let me tell you about the

students who follow next in risk. That is the focus of

this article.

** Youth at 2nd and 3rd Risk of Extreme Violence:

These youth are not nearly at as great a risk as the conduct disorder.

We will cover each of these 2 types of youth separately, but must stress

that the risk for both of these 2 groups drops off dramatically

from that posed by conduct disorders. Remember that when any child

appears to be potentially violent, you take that concern seriously,

regardless of whether the child was on our list. This list is meant only to

guide you when you lack any specific events or circumstances that

show you how to apportion your time, supervision and other resources.

** Thought Disorders: The risk posed by thought disordered

children is probably far less than that of the conduct disordered

youth. Although #2 on this list, it is a rather distant second choice.

Part of the explanation is that there are probably a lot more

conduct disordered kids than thought disordered ones. The other

reason that explains the somewhat distant #2 status is that the

thought disordered child may be well-intentioned, kind, and loving

at times. The conduct disorder child really never is able to care

about anyone else. Another reason to explain the distant #2 status is

that often the thought disordered child will act in rather than act out.

They often will pose a harm to self rather than others.

Unless you work in a treatment setting, just a very small fraction of

the children you work with, may have what mental health professionals

call a thought disorder. While the thinking of the conduct disorder is

clear and lucid, that assumption is not always true for the

thought-disordered child. The child who has been diagnosed with this

type of problem by a mental health worker, has very serious problems

with their thinking. The child may hear voices or see visions that no one

else can, for example. The child may believe demons or devils are

governing them. If the voices, for instance, tell the child to hurt

someone, then the child may feel compelled to do it. This is where

potential danger could lie.

The thrust of working with a diagnosed thought disorder is often

on proper medication, although focusing on skill building and structure

are also very important. Perhaps the single most important concern

will be that the child takes any prescribed medication regularly and

properly, because when properly medicated, this child may

function almost normally in many ways. When not correctly medicated,

this child is at the mercy of any demons, visions, voices or upsetting

thoughts that pop into their head.

** Severely Agitated, Depressed Kids: The occurrence of extreme

violence by severely depressed, agitated children probably also

greatly lags behind the risk posed by conduct disorders. This term

refers to a child who has experienced extremely severe problems

with depression, and also struggles mightily at least once with

agitation. Many kids, especially teens, struggle with depression,

but this group endures some of the most prolonged, profound,

deep depression; this should not be confused with typical

adolescent ups and downs. When the severely depressed and

agitated child also abuses substances, the problem can be

magnified greatly depending on the interplay of the substance

and the existing emotional concerns. Crisis, sudden changes and

the usual adolescent successes and failures can quickly

de-stabilize this child who is already seriously struggling;

these events can have the effect of the straw that broke the

camel’s back.

Any emotion that a child has trouble managing may get acted out

or acted in. Depression is generally acted in. Many view it as

anger turned inward: the child withdraws, reduces their activities,

may eat less, etc. But, depression can also be acted out. Feeling

cornered, unable to endure any more pain, some children will act

out, sometimes lashing out in very severe ways. All things in nature

strive to come to a conclusion. Storms eventually dissipate, the

rain ultimately gives way to sun, and even the snow will eventually

end. Humans, as part of nature, also tend to move towards resolution.

For some children, extreme violence can be the flash point that

offers that resolution. When there appears to be no hope, perhaps

the child believes that there is nothing left to lose. Depression can be

tough on adults, but couple the depression with a child’s lack of time

concept, lack of perspective, their impulsiveness, immaturity, and

resistance to understanding the link of actions to final outcomes,

extreme violence can be grabbed as perhaps a solution. If this

vulnerable child becomes involved with a conduct disordered

peer, you can see how under certain circumstances, that could

become a deadly combination as the depressed, agitated child may

join in the acting-out.

To help this child, alleviating some of the torment will be critical.

Help to manage anger in socially acceptable ways, tempering the

depression, and alleviating some of the agitation can keep this

child from remaining at the level of extreme discomfort they

currently experience. If this child receives useful aid to vent

the agitation and give some light to the depression, any risk of

extreme violence can be significantly impacted. Of the three

risk categories, this group’s concerns are potentially the most

amenable to intervention by you, and is of the three, the

most hopeful diagnosis. You can have much lasting impact

on this child.

**Appraising the Risk: Now you can look at your class or group

and not just wonder where the where the potential, serious

danger would come from. Now that you have more refined

guesses about which youth potentially pose potential danger,

here is a way to better rank that risk in your mind. A juvenile

court judge in Springfield, Oregon, said after the shooting

there, that so many kids are like “little match sticks waiting

to be lit.” To adapt that image a bit, here is how you can

apply that thinking to the three at-risk groups listed here.

You can imagine that the conduct disorder is already lit;

a flame is burning. Whether that flame becomes smaller,

flares larger, or creates an inferno, is anyone’s guess, but

the flame is burning always, the potential for disaster is

always there.

The thought-disordered child may be like a pilot light,

a tiny flame that is always lit, but is fairly unlikely to

inexplicably get massively bigger or out of control. Properly

shepherded and assisted, this light may stay forever just a

benign flicker. Unshepherded or inadequately assisted,

however, this flame can get bigger, even flare out of


The extremely agitated depressed child may be the

unlit match stick that the judge visualized. Outside

factors will likely come into play to incite any flare-up.

Outside forces could include peer pressure, crises, substance

abuse, family woes, or just mounting problems that fuel the

agitation and create a profound, all-encompassing sense of

desperation that leads the child to “spontaneously” combust.

Like the thought-disordered child, the severely agitated

depressed youth can often be so readily aided if the

community can identify them, then consistently care and

effectively intervene.

** In Summary: If you work with kids, but you are not

a mental health professional, maybe it’s time to at least

learn some of the basics about children’s mental health.

And, no matter what your role with children, please

consider it your obligation to train your kids to be peaceful.

That may be the most important contribution you could

make in a world that so thoroughly ensures that every

child knows so much about extreme violence, and so little

about anything peaceful.

Hopefully, you now have more mental health basics for working

with juveniles who pose extreme classroom management problems.

Remember, if you wish to get more thorough information, click

over to our site for free magazines, strategies, articles and

much more– all designed to assist educators to better manage

and instruct problem and difficult students.

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