The Natural Health Industry Takes Its Part On The Net With Herbal Replacements

Herbal products are used by nearly half of the U.S. population. Quality, productivity, and efficiency are these natural health products that, marketers have sought to make men insecure about the size. Barrages of herbal male enhancement ads are everywhere to get more attention. When Viagra was launched in 1998, there were few genuine treatments for people, who want to have health and natural way to fight impotence suffering.

Online Health Store offers herbal supplements that are disease specific, that you can see them on the herbs market, specializing in penis enlargement pills and products that are related to the men’s health category. The increases of this industry are also supported by the typed searches, made online.

Hoodia truly works, as a diet aid hasn’t been scientifically proven. Pills and capsules claiming to contain hoodia are widely available in the United States online and at most online health stores, which sell herbal supplements. Such products are largely exempt from U.S. government regulations, which require drugs to be tested for safety and effectiveness before being sold. Also is well known that, South Africa is the only African country exporting hoodia legally – Grown there manufactured in U.S or other countries dealing with the Weight Loss Market.

Hoodia has been described as a “wonderdrug” by major news sources.

Also there is a growing market – the penis enlargement market, where you will find a lot of pills to choose from. But the specialists say that the cheapest penis enlargement pills or any products are the worst quality that they could give you. And that’s a fact. And as far as it is known there is no other prescription product, that will do the job. Some of you will say that this could be the Viagra, well – we are not on the same track then. This blue pill helps the erection, not the grown.

If you want to see which are the latest natural health products you can go and visit The Online Herbal Pharmacy Catalog Catalog. This desire for excellence results in formulas and products that we consider to be the finest available in the market today.

Is Diet, Exercise, and a Proper Lifestyle Enough to Help You Manage Your Health?

Once a year, one of my favorite aerobics leaders asked her participants to look at their bodies in the mirrors that lined the room. She would then tell us there were two very important things we should understand about our bodies.

The first was that a body was not like an automobile or other consumer good. What she meant was that we can’t trade it in or buy a new one when it breaks down. It is the only one we are ever going to have.

The second is that we have no right to expect or assume that someone else will take responsibility for it if and when it did break down. What she meant is that we have to take on that responsibility ourselves. Yes, medical practitioners can advise, patch and prescribe, but the responsibility is really ours and not one that can be handed off.

How right she was. It has been years since I have been to one of her classes – I haven’t stopped exercising, she retired – yet to this day I often think about her words.

It is difficult to argue against an exercise regimen, healthy diet and good lifestyle habits as the best means to a healthy body. But is there more you can or should do? No doubt there is. There are probably a lot of other things you can and should do, but I would like to share one additional thing that I do, and which I believe to have significant value.

I keep meticulous records of things related to my health. I keep the data current and I keep it formally. I use a computer program to manage the data because there is quite a bit of it even though I am in good health.

You may wonder what kind of information I keep, what I do with it, why I do it, and how I do it. Well, let me try to explain.

What Do I Keep Track Of?

I gather five categories of information and they are:

1. medication and supplemental regimens, prescribed or not
2. past, present, emerging and potential medical conditions
3. surgeries, exams, tests and other medical procedures
4. past and scheduled visits with health professionals, and
5. important health measures

The first 4 categories are fairly static in nature – that is, the information does not change once captured and does not require much time or effort keeping it current.

1. In the first category, I keep track of the common name of a medicine, its technical name, the prescribing physician, the dosage and the date I started and/or stopped taking it.

2. In the second category, I record childhood diseases, phobias, allergies, accidents and potential hereditary conditions incurred by my family, such as cancers, heart and other conditions.

3. Next I keep a record of all of the tests I have undergone – ultrasounds, colonoscopies, allergic, etc. – the dates, referring physicians and results if available.

4. And of course a record of my visits with all the doctors and related practitioners I see – when I visited, when I next visit, what I want to discuss so I don’t forget, questions I have, what was discussed, the outcomes, and so on.

The last category can be much more dynamic in nature – that is, the information may change quite frequently, depending on what I am keeping track of. I refer to this type of information as time-series data because there are many records of the same measure taken at different points in time – daily, monthly, annually or whenever. This data is repetitious so I use it to generate graphs and charts that allow me to see trends and correlations to other data.

5. In this category, there is always a date, then the specific measure taken, and sometimes a target and an upper and lower limit. Examples include the results of blood work (HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides), pulse, blood pressure, PSA for men, blood sugar levels, body mass index, and any other meaningful health measures. One can also track physical activities such as miles run or pedaled, laps swum, hours of exercise and so on – anything one can measure. If one suffered irritable bowel syndrome, for example, tracking the number and severity of daily bowel movements and medication dosages taken for the condition may help to evaluate the effect of various treatments.

What Do I Do With All This Information And Why Do I Keep Track Of It All?

First and foremost, I use the time-series data to help me better manage my health. I believe that one can better manage something if one can measure it. For years, I asked my family doctor for a copy of my blood tests results for HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and my PSA, among others. I make a note of my blood pressure, weight and height when they are taken. So right off the bat, I have 6 measures that I track. I also track the hours of cardiac intensive exercise I take part in each week and regularly record my weight.

Where I live, medical associations publish recommended targets and limits for health measures based on sex, age and so on. I enter this data so that I can compare my own measures to what is normal or expected. I also look for trends to see which direction my measures are heading in, if any.

I do two things with the results: I find myself changing my diet, exercise pattern or whatever when I see a trend that I do not like. Quite often, this is enough to bring the measure back to where I think it should be. I also bring the charts when visiting my doctors so we can discuss the implications of a specific measure or a trend in a measure, as there may be a need for medication or other options to help me bring the measure back into line.

I bring all of the information with me to every appointment I have with a medical practitioner. When asked about medication or supplements I am taking, for information about past conditions or family history, or for past procedures and surgery, I simply hand the relevant report over, or use them to help me fill in any required forms. I bring a copy of all of this data whenever I am traveling. I believe that well organized medical records like these could be life-saving should I find myself in a foreign hospital or having to see a physician as the result of an accident or illness while away from home. I am convinced it will also help should the time come when I have to deal with insurance companies.

How Do I Do It?

As I mentioned earlier, I use a computer application to help me. You can use paper, note pads and graphing paper, but a computer system makes it so much easier. I use one called ‘the Recordskeeper’. It stores all the information I talked about. It is relatively easy to use and provides me with all the reports I need. I use it for other things also, but that is another story.

So! Is diet, exercise and a proper lifestyle enough to help you manage your health? It may be, but I feel that this additional effort keeps me one extra step ahead in managing my own health. It is my responsibility. I accept that and I feel a lot better and healthier for taking on that responsibility and doing what I do. Perhaps you can and should too.

Can Fish Oil Pills Really Be a Benefit to My Health?

So, if you have ever taken fish oil pills you have probably been exposed to the messages about the numerous healthy benefits you can accrue from being a regular consumer. We can cut through much of the mystery, and debate by simply reiterating some of the health categories where the use of omega 3 oils has had a positive effect.

Taking care of your brain is obviously vital for your body and making sure its well maintained should include a daily dosage of these fatty acids, as these are the good fats we need. Interesting work has been done which looked at how memory and concentration levels improved when taking these supplements.

Of course it’s true that a proper diet which includes eating oily fish like sardines and salmon would ensure you get these omega 3 fatty acids, sadly few of us do, so taking fish oil pills is the next best thing.

Another important area is heart care and here again it gets a big thumbs up as being a great tonic and actually cutting the risks of catching this deadly disease. So much so that even the respected American Heart Association has remarked on its use.

In tandem with the last point it’s also fair to mention that studies have shown it to be a potent anti inflammatory. We need to take notice of this as inflammation has been identified as a precursor to many of our modern ailments.

But, don’t just rush out and get the first bottle of fish oil pills you can lay your hands on, as there’s much more to tell. All that and more are discussed on my site, giving you the essential low down on what to look for when choosing the most effective fish oil pills.

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